We still have a limited number of places for Reception pupils starting in September 2022. Contact the school office if you are interested.

KS1: Oaks

Key Stage 1 Base - Oak Class
Welcome to Oak Class!  Mrs Oliver and Miss Field are the class teachers.
In Oak class we value the importance of becoming independent and self motivated learners. We love to be pushed out of our comfort zones and to try new things and approaches. We know this will build our confidence and help us to become resilient individuals. Our class motto is 'Mighty Oaks grow from Little Acorns'. 
We learn through practical experiences and develop new skills through our work. We work hard to achieve and progress whilst having fun.

We follow the 2014 National Curriculum for literacy, numeracy and other non-core subjects. The core skills are delivered in the mornings often during separate year group teaching. This includes guided reading, phonics, writing and numeracy.

In Year 1 there is a period of transition from Foundation Stage when children have whole class teaching followed up by either a range of practical child initiated activities or focus group work where the work will be pitched at the child's ability.

In Year 2 we improve on the basic skills learnt in Year 1. We learn to write for purpose and for effect in English and to reason and problem solve in Maths. This is great preparation for the start of Key Stage 2 in Willow Class.
For more detail about our curriculum please go to our curriculum page where it is explained in much more detail. 
Our main aim in Oak Class is to be happy and to thrive in whatever we do. 

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