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Lower KS2: Willow

Lower Key Stage 2 - Willow Class
Welcome to Willow Class!  Miss Waring and Mrs Lawson are the class teachers.  As a job share we work extremely closely together to ensure continuity and meet every Wednesday for a thorough handover.  Mrs Monzur works across the school as a teaching assistant but she spends lots of time in our class.

We try really hard to set a good example to the children in Key Stage 1 by following our school values of being determined, kind, respectful, honest and we believe in ourselves.  We believe that our school vision of 'Bees fly high in the sky, so why shouldn't I' underpins the ethos of our class.  We are rewarded in Willow Class in a variety of ways; we climb the zone board and we get golden tickets when we get into gold.  The golden tickets are part of a termly raffle.  We also earn marbles and when the jar is full the whole class gets a reward.  We also look forward to being nominated for tea with Barnabee, our school mascot.

We follow the National Curriculum 2014 for all of our lessons. Our day is made up of fun and interesting lessons where we learn key skills to help us achieve our best in all that we do and bring the curriculum to life.  During LKS2 we have dedicated lessons for each curriculum area.  For example, this term we are exploring ‘Every Picture Tells A Story (Interpreting Art)' in Art and Design, ‘Evolution and Inheritance’ in Science and ‘The Tudors’ in History.  This helps us as a school ensure progression across the curriculum. Due to having mixed year group classes our subject areas operate on a two year cycle.

In P.E we are extremely lucky to start up our swimming lessons again at Droitwich this half term, as well as a games session on a Thursday afternoon with Mrs Lawson.  Lower Key Stage 2 go swimming during the Autumn and Summer Terms, as part of our PE curriculum. We like to reach the expected level of being able to swim 25m by the end of Year 4.

When we are in Year 3 and 4 we have the opportunity to learn to play musical instruments with Mrs Martin, our Music teacher.  We also take every opportunity to perform and we are hoping we get to do more of this very soon!
Mrs Lawson and Miss Waring.