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Vision, Values and Aims

Our Vision
Ready, Steady, Grow – enjoying our learning journey together!

At Sytchampton, we are all about 'Growing' in every sense of the word; academically, socially, identifying and nurturing our talents and developing our children into well rounded, confident human beings. 
Our Aims
Ready – Be ready to learn and ready for life.
Steady – Develop confidence and resilience.
Grow – Grow as a person, socially, emotionally and academically, exceeding our own expectations.
Our Values

After discussion with our pupils and staff, we have identified five core values, which underpin everything we do in school.
These values are embodied by our school mascot, Barnabee the bee, a creature which works hard and as part of a close knit team.  Bees also help plants and flowers to grow and flourish;  Barnabee helps us to grow and flourish as people, reminding us of our core values which will help shape us as human beings. 
Be Respectful

We strive for our pupils to become positive members of the wider community, becoming strong advocates of tolerance and understanding to create a better society for all.

Be Kind

"Unexpected kindness is the most powerful, least costly and most underrated agent of human change." Bob Kerrey

We teach our children to be kind, not only to other people, but to everything that lives as we really do believe that by doing so, we have the power to make great changes.

Be Honest

"Honesty and integrity produce trust – trust in ourselves and in all those around us. Trust in turn produces confidence which we all need to conquer life’s problems and which also encourages us to take risks in order to fulfil our goals." Jeff Durham

Be Determined

At Sytchampton, we realise that talent alone is not enough to succeed in life and achieve your dreams. We encourage our children to work hard towards their goals and understand that overcoming challenges and barriers is the key to exceeding our own expectations.


We believe that the only person who can prevent you from achieving your dreams in life, is yourself. We have to expect great things of ourselves before we can do them and so we endeavour to instil self-belief and confidence in our pupils.