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Exam and Assessment Results

Statutory Test and Examination Results
Here are our assessment results for 2023(Academic Year 2022 - 2023).  
Phonics Screening Checks 2022/2023
Year Number of Pupils in Cohort % of Pupils Achieving Expected Standard % National Average
Year 1 12 75% 79%
Year 2 (Re-sits) 14 100% 89%
Key Stage 1 (End of Year 2) 2022/2023
Subject Reaching Expected Standard and Above National Average
Reading 85.7% 68%
Writing 78.6% 60%
Mathematics 78.6% 70%
*Note: The figure for 'Reaching Expected Standard' includes those working 'At' and 'Above' Expected Standard (ie. at Greater Depth).
Subject Achieving Greater Depth (Above Expected) National Average
Reading 35.1% 19%
Writing 21.4% 8%
Mathematics 35.7% 16%
Key Stage 2 (End of Year 6) 2022/2023
Note: Small Cohort (10 pupils)
Reaching Expected Standard*
National Average 
Above Expected Standard
National Average Above Expected
Average Scaled Score
National Average Scaled Score
Reading 80% 72.6% 40% 29%  108
Writing 80% 71.5% 20% 13.3%  n/a
Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling  80%  72%  30%    107  105
Mathematics 70% 72.9% 10% 23.8%  103
Reading, Writing and Mathematics Combined 70% 59.5%        
*Note: The figure for 'Reaching Expected Standard' includes those working 'At' and 'Above' Expected Standard (ie. at Greater Depth).
Subject Average Progress
Reading 2.4 (Average)
Writing 1.2 (Average)
Mathematics -0.9 (Average)
Internal Test and Examination Results Over Time
Due to the COVID pandemic, assessments did not take place at the end of 2019 to 2020.
The results below compare the school's results with the national averages for all schools.  Since 2019, the impact of the disruption of the pandemic has become evident, with the proportion of pupils achieving the expected standards in all subjects Nationally declining. 
We are proud to say, that despite the pandemic, our results have continued to be broadly in line with, if not significantly better, than the national averages as you will see from the tables and graphs below.   It is worth considering, that as we have such small cohorts of children, one pupil can represent a significant proportion of the group. 
School Performance Tables
For further information on our school results see our page on the Government's School and College Performance comparison website: