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Relationships and Sex Education

In 2021, we  updated our PSHE curriculum to ensure that it meets all of the new statutory requirements set out in Government Guidance.  As part of this process, we consulted with parents and carers to seek their views in developing our curriuclum and our policy in the Summer Term of 2021.
Below, you will find a range of resources and curriculum information, which will give you a flavour of the content of our curriculum and how we deliver it.    The children in our school have weekly taught sessions which cover the skills below:
  • Valuing families and different family structures
  • Creating and maintaining positive friendships
  • Developing safe and respectful relationships
  • Understanding the changes that take place during puberty
  • Promoting good health and carrying out first aid
  • Learning to make independent choices and not to be influenced by others
These skills are designed to help our pupils be ready for life beyond our school  and to keep themselves safe in a range of situations.  
These skills and understanding also thread through our wider curriculum and are revisited as part of our programme of assemblies throughout the year.
The KAPOW approach to PSHE/RSE:
  • Full curriculum coverage across five topics: Family and relationships, Health and wellbeing, Safety and the changing body, Citizenship, Economic wellbeing
  • Created by RSE & PSHE specialists
  • Guides for schools and to share with parents and careers
  • Supports the PSHE Association's Programme of Study
  • Five unique animated puberty videos for pupils
  • Content mapped to Education for a Connected World framework
We hope that the resources below are useful.  If you have any concerns or questions about our PSHE/RSE curriculum, then please do not hesitate to speak to Mrs Richards by contacting the school office on 01905 620418 or