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Phonics and Reading

Phonics and Reading at Sytchampton
Reading and Phonics
 In Early Years and Key Stage 1, pupils take part in daily phonics and reading lessons. We  use the DFE Validated Scheme, Phonics Shed. 

This is then followed by Spelling Shed in Year 2, which continues to look at spelling patterns and grammar.


Individual Reading

Children following the 'Phonic Shed' program, will be allocated digital reading books in line with their progress on the scheme.  They will also be given a choice of home books from our decodable reading scheme.

These books are for your child to read to you. It has been carefully chosen so that they can use the skills they have learnt in phonics to read all the words. Some books will have words for you to read with your child, these are known as ‘share with me’ books. Other books will have no words for the children to read but contain detailed pictures to discuss and create their own story. Most books will have key words to practise before and suggested questions for you to ask about the story after they have read it – you can ask other questions too as those provided are just a guide!

What is Phonics Shed? 
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