PLACES AVAILABLE FOR RECEPTION INTAKE 2024 and in some other year groups. Please contact the school office to arrange to visit and see what we have to offer!


Sytchampton PTA is a registered charity (Charity no. 1139052) and exists to:
a) Develop effective relationships between the staff, parents and others involved at the school;
b) Engage in activities or provide facilities or equipment which support the school and advance the education of the pupils.
It does this by raising money for 'extras' for the school and helps to enhance the school community by putting on social events.
Every parent/guardian of a pupil is automatically a member of the PTA. The PTA organises and runs events such as our Summer Fete (known as Sytchfest!) Special Persons Tea Party, Christmas Fair and Quiz & Fizz Night (to name but a few!) They also put on events just for the children like an Easter Egg hunt, Mother's and Father's Day secret rooms and school discos.
Any parent/guardian/teacher can join the PTA meetings, and can nominate themselves (or be nominated) to join the committee or become a class representative.
What has the PTA funded?
Some of the things we have recently raised money for include:
  • Playground equipment
  • School Library Corner
  • Book Vending Machine (plus a generous donation of £250 worth of books from a parent)
  • IT equipment (18 laptops and 5 iPads)
  • School trips  Essential school communications tools such as SeeSaw and Teachers2Parents
  • Arranging Father Christmas presents for all children.
The fundraising is really making a difference and there are many more schemes and projects we would like to support, including a new outdoor/indoor learning space.
Please consider joining in and helping. There is no 'minimum commitment' - just do as much as you would like to. All efforts are always gratefully received.
Any questions or queries please come and find us and we will do our best to help, or ask the school office.
Get in touch!
Contact us at
Facebook Sytchampton PTA Noticeboard
Instagram @Sytchampton_PTA
Twitter @sytchamptonpta
PTA Committee
Our PTA Committee is:

  • Joint Chairs - Laura Harper & Sue Symonds
  • Treasurer - position available!
  • Secretary - Elaine Ball
  • Deputy Secretary - Amanda Fischer
  • Lottery - Jenna White
  • Key Committee Member - Maria Craze
These are our class representatives:
Year Representatives
Reception Rebecca Davis
Year 1 Laura Harper
Year 2 Jenna White
Year 3 Maria Craze
Year 4 Elaine Ball
Year 5 Carly Caddick
Year 6 Claire Allport
Any questions or queries please come and find us and we will do our best to help.

Contact us at
Facebook Sytchampton PTA Noticeboard
Instagram @Sytchampton_PTA
Twitter @sytchamptonpta

Sytchampton School PTA Lottery Club


Welcome to the new, revamped Sytchampton PTA Lottery Club – a great way for you to support us whilst having a bit of a flutter!

Here’s how it works……

Everyone is welcome to join the school lottery so please feel free to invite Friends, Family, colleagues, neighbours (over the age of 16). Each number costs £2 and you can purchase unlimited numbers – remember the more purchased the more chances of winning!

If you purchase 4 numbers or more you qualify for subsidised school trip transport costs. We all receive letters from school throughout the year asking for unplanned costs to cover transport for trips and activities that our children enjoy. This can add up to approximately £60-£80 per year (even more if you have more than one child attending the school!). By buying 4 or more numbers these trip transport costs will be subsidised not just for one child but for all of them if you have more than one attending.

There are 6 draws per calendar year – a draw will take place on the last Friday of each half term – during the school assembly – the winning number will be picked by an online random number generator.

The annual prize fund will be 15% of the total membership fee, if for example, we sold 250 numbers the 1st prize will be £100 and 2nd prize £50.

If you win, a cheque will be handed to you on the day of the draw or posted to your home address.

To sign up please complete the attached slip and return it to the school office.

Any queries please email: or see Jenna White.


Sytchampton School PTA Lottery Rules

Terms and Conditions

The purpose of the Sytchampton School PTA Lottery is to raise funds. The money will be paid into the PTA bank account and used to meet funding requests from the school, providing equipment, resources and opportunities for the pupils.

  1. The lottery club is a small society lottery and is open anyone over the age of 16.
  2. The Sytchampton School PTA lottery is organised by the school PTA. In case of any dispute the decision of the PTA committee is final.
  3. There are unlimited numbers. For a cost of £2 per month you will be assigned one number at random, or if purchasing multiples, you will be assigned multiple numbers at random.
  4. A draw will be made every 1/2 term with a 1st & 2nd prize.
  5. The annual prize fund will total 15% of the annual income. 1st prize being 10% and 2nd prize being 5%. For example, if 250 numbers were sold in 1 month the prize fund for that month would be: 1st prize - £100 / 2nd prize - £50 this is taken from: 250 tickets x £2 = £500, multiplied by 12 to give an annual prize and divided by 6 to give your 6 termly draws.
  6. The remaining 85% goes to PTA school funds to part contribute towards the cost of trips and travel for all pupils.
  7. Payments must be made by either standing order (monthly or annually) or in cash. However, cash payments must be for the full annual value of your ticket.
  8. Members will only be entered into the ½ termly draw if their subscription is up to date.
  9. Unless otherwise advised, a member will be deemed to have left the lottery if his/her subscription renewal remains unpaid for a period of one month.
  10. One month’s notice period is required if you wish to cancel your subscription to the lottery.
  11. The winning number will receive either a cheque in person or by post to the address on file.
  12. If a winner cannot be contacted, the winnings will be placed into the School PTA funds after six months.
Meeting Minutes
PTA Minutes above are pdf files.