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Our School Dogs

Meet Bella and Beau Our School Dogs! 
At Sytchampton, we have two special members of staff who are a very important part of our school family! 
Bella and Beau are our Dog Mentors and they work as part of our team every day. 

Our reasons for having dogs in school are built upon the benefits of the human-animal bond  by providing children positive experiences with dogs that can help them:

Research has shown that dogs in school have a positive impact on children in all areas including :
  • higher self-esteem
  • greater empathy for others
  • more engagement with peers
  • better prosocial behaviour
  • support for pupils with anxiety (especially separation anxiety)
  • support to aid pupils in managing their emotions and behaviour
The positive impacts created by having a dog in school follow the premise that improving communication within schools will improve behaviour.  This, in turn will provide an improved outcome for staff, parents and more importantly pupils.
Some Ground Rules
In order to help Bella and Beau to do their job properly and to keep everyone in our school safe (including Bella and Beau themselves!), please ensure that you always follow these rules.
  1. Always ask the handler of you can stroke
  2. Don’t get too excited – always approach dog calmly
  3. No loud voices – no shouting the dog’s name
  4. No screaming with excitement to see dog
  5. Try not to run
  6. No eating around dog
  7. Always wash hands after being with dog
  8. Always make the handler aware if you are allergic to dogs
  9. Always let the handler know if you’re worried about meeting dog